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Competitive price and reliable quality.

High Skilled Engineering and Tooling team with full experience that over 3000 molds have been implemented and exported to USA and Europe in the past decades.

Project management team with excellent comunication skill to give the best service to all of our customers.

Healthy financial organization and supplier chain to support customer for long time cooperation.


Description: 2K button Mold
Material: First shot ABS, Second shot TPU.
Steel type: 1.2316
Gate type: Sub gate + side gate
Surface Finish: SPI – A2
Cavity: 4+4

Description: Automotive mold for Cover/case
Material: PP T40
Steel type: 738H/738
Gate type: Direct gate and hot bush turn fan gate
Surface Finish: Textured
Cavity: 1+1

Description: Plastic mold for Clip botton
Material: PC
Steel type: S-7
Gate type: Sub gate
Surface Finish: SPI-A3
Cavity: 1*2

Description: Tub Mold
Material: TPU-3090
Steel type: H-13
Gate type: Edge gate
Surface Finish: SPI-B3
Cavity: 1*2